Commercial Storage in Downers Grove

We Mean Business… Eagle Storage offers businesses cost effective solutions to their commercial storage needs.

Records Storage and Retrieval
Off-Site Warehousing
Shipping and Receiving
Furniture and Fixture Storage
Pick-Up and Delivery


Records and Storage Retrieval

Eagle Storage offers affordable commercial storage for records starting at just $18.00 per month. Our staff is on hand daily to pull files upon request. Pick-up & delivery options are available.

Your records are secure at Eagle Storage. We are compliant with privacy and security regulations. We allow access to only those parties whom you authorize.

Once you no longer need your stored files, Eagle Storage can arrange for document destruction or recycling services. One call does it all.

Convenient and Safe

A Hinsdale doctor’s office requires off-site storage for patient medical records. When they need to retrieve a file, they call Eagle Storage and we retrieve the records for them. File pulls are done within 24 hours of request.

An attorney’s office in Lombard required off-site storage for their closed case files. The legal files are inventoried and stored in our pallet racks. If a case file is needed, they call Eagle Storage.


Off-Site Warehousing

Let Eagle Storage be your warehousing partner. Expand your business by adding the functionality of a warehouse without the investment in real estate and personnel.

With a full-size dock and forklifts on site, Eagle Storage is ready to receive your shipments, stock your items, and arrange for outgoing deliveries as well. And remember, you are only charged for the space used at any given time.

Inventory Space Saver

An oriental furniture company in Westmont uses Eagle Storage’s warehouse space and pallet racks. When they receive and unload international shipping containers, they use Eagle Storage’s loading dock and forklifts.

A kitchen remodeling company in Palatine has a complete show room full of kitchen displays but no room for inventory and supplies. Eagle Storage facilitates their off-site warehousing, shipping and receiving functions. This enables them to store inventory and distribute it to customer sites.


Shipping and Receiving

Another feature of our commercial storage capabilities are fully functional docks that accommodate cars, vans & semis. Our trained personnel are on-hand for assistance with loading and unloading. We have daily pick-ups by UPS and FedEx.

Perfect for Small Office Needs

An insulation company in Downers Grove has a small office and uses Eagle Storage for their off-site warehouse space. This also provides them with ability to ship and receive goods via a loading dock.


Furniture and Fixture Storage

Unused cubicles, displays, equipment? To fit your company’s specific needs, Eagle Storage has a variety of commercial storage options. We know it’s sometimes not an option to dispose of unused business assets… store them instead.

When you find a buyer for your unused items or need to arrange for disposal, Eagle Storage can assist you with those tasks also. Call us for a custom quote today!

Perfect for Staging Goods

An office supply company located in Downers Grove uses Eagle Storage’s off-site warehouse space for staging goods prior to delivery to customer sites. Eagle Storage also provides delivery assistance to local customer sites.


Pick-Up and Delivery

Eagle Storage is at your service to pick up and deliver your commercial items and records; allowing you to concentrate your efforts on growing your business.

Occasional or regularly scheduled deliveries, both are just a part of our service commitment to you. Call or visit us at Eagle Storage to find out how we can help you simplify your business storage needs.

Concentrate on your core business!

A window company located in Mokena, IL uses Eagle Storage to receive and store their product prior to being delivered to construction sites around the Chicagoland area. When the construction site is ready for the product, Eagle Storage loads it and delivers it to the site.