Self-Storage Tips

A little pre-planning can go a long way toward making your storage experience hassle-free. It helps to make a list of all the packing supplies that you may need. A few of the more commonly used packing items are boxes, bubble wrap, tape, marking pens, and mattress and furniture covers. When packing boxes, fill them without making them too heavy to lift to prevent injury. Pack heavier items, such as books, in smaller boxes. Unprinted paper should be used for packing to prevent ink markings from transferring to your belongings. Use bubble wrap, unprinted paper, or packing peanuts to cushion breakable items and then place these breakable items on top when packing. Plastic storage containers are a great alternative to boxes and are easily stacked.

Self-Storage Tips for an Organized Storage Unit

Be sure to utilize all space in your storage unit. It may be useful to plan as to how you are going to arrange your items. Freestanding shelves can be used to help organize your unit. Leave a walkway to the rear and place frequently used items in the front of your unit for better accessibility. When stacking boxes, always be sure to place the heavier boxes on the bottom, with the lighter boxes on the top. Most importantly, never store perishables inside your unit as it could create unwanted smells and ruin other items in storage.

Check out these self-storage tips for larger items!

  • Appliances: Clean and dry appliances prior to storage. Keep doors slightly ajar during storage.
  • Electronics: Wrap small items in plenty of packing material. Do not use packing peanuts with computers, radios, etc. as the material could generate static electricity that could damage the circuit boards.
  • Dishes and Glassware: Wrap items individually. Cushion tops and bottoms with a layer of paper or bubble wrap.
  • Mirrors: Make sure to store on edge, not flat.
  • Holiday Decorations: Place in original container when possible. Pad with packing materials for added protection
  • Lamps: Remove lampshade and wrap cord around the base. Wrap lamp base in padding, and wrap shade and place in a separate box.
  • Mattresses and Box Springs: Store on long end for firmer support. Keep covered for protection.
  • Blankets, Clothing and Drapery: Have cleaned prior to storing in wardrobe boxes for protection. Mothballs or cedar chips can be used for added protection.
  • Books and Documents: Pack books flat to protect their spines.
  • Metal Items: To prevent rusting, place a small amount of machine oil on metal items, such as tools, bicycles, etc.
  • Small Engine Items: Drain gasoline and run the carburetor dry for items with a small engine before outdoor storage.

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